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When the media needs DNA testing services, it turns to us. We are the exclusive provider of DNA paternity testing for Maury, Dr. Phil and Paternity Court, as well as most other daytime and court shows...


DNA True Test is a full-service DNA testing company offering a wide range of DNA paternity and family relationship, forensic DNA and animal DNA testing services. 1-800-363-4609


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DNA True Test respecst & protects your privacy with DNA tests. Our website is a safe and secure environment for anyone to visit and order.

We do not sell or share your information with any third parties. We are committed to protecting your rights as a consumer.

About DNA True Test

Introduction to DNA Paternity Testing

DNA paternity testing helps families determine the truth about paternity so that they can have peace of mind. Wheather it's for personal knowledge or legal proceedings, DNA paternity testing will help families to obtain re-assurance and to plan the next step. DNA paternity testing has helped millions of families resolve relationship questions. DNA testing is fast, discreet and affordable. With the simple swab of the mouth, families will receive peace of mind quickly and easily.

How does DNA testing work?

All people have 23 pairs of chromosomes, 46 in total. One half is inherited from our mother and the other half is inherited from our father. When a DNA test is performed, the laboratory obtains the DNA profile of the child and compares it to the profile of the alleged father. If the alleged father is the true biological father of the child, then the half of the child's DNA that came from the father will match the alleged father's DNA profile perfectly. If the child's DNA does not match the alleged father's profile, then the alleged father can be conclusively excluded as being the biological father of the child. When you receive your test report, the report will either state "exclusion", mening that the alleged father is not the biological father of the child, or else the report will state "inclusion", meaning that the alleged father is the true biological father of the child.


What kind of questions can be resolved with DNA testing?

There is a wide range of DNA tests available to help families resolve numerous types of relationship questions. A list of test are as follows:

• Paternity test

• Maternity test

• Sibship test

• Twin test

• Grandparentage test

• Aunt/uncle/nephew/niece test

• Forensic test

Accuracy of DNA tests?

Chromosomal lab DNA paternity tests provide conclusive answers to paternity. 100x more than court requirements. As one of the world's few DNA paternity labs to receive both the prestigious ISO17025 accreditation as well as AABB accreditation, results from Chromosomal Lab is recognized throughout the world. As an added assurance of quality, all tests at Chromosomal Lab is performed twice to esure 100% accuracy. Chromosomal Lab has tested hundreds of thousands of samples and has maintained a completely flawless testing record with 100% court recognition. Additionally, the few laboratories in the world to guarantee that 16 loci Identifier test is routinely run for every case. The precision of a DNA test is determined by the number of loci which are tested. Laboratories usually only test 9 to 12 loci and will only run the 16 loci test for special situations. Every case that it handles to ensure the highest level of accuracy for every test report produced.



Our company offer the advance power of DNA True Test technology at affordable prices. We offer the highest quality DNA and paternity test at some of the most affordable prices available in the industry. With our DNA tests, you can achieve peace of mind at an affordable price.


Results are typically returned to you within 2 business days from the date that the laboratory receives the samples. Samples are sent to the laboratory via overnight express. We offer the 1 day RUSH option for an additional fee.


Collecting DNA Test sample is painless and as easy as swabbing the inside of the cheeks. By using a special Dacron cotton tipped Cheek Swab. Therefore, there is no need for a blood sample. (an umbilical cord sample can also be used upon the birth of a baby).

Personalized Service:

DNA True Test offer the advance power of DNA testing using a strict chain of custody documentation in court admissible (legal) cases. The utmost attention to quality is performed with the client checking and initializing each step as we work.


A collector will discretely meet you at the safe location of your choice in an unmarked vehicle to perform the sample collection and paperwork. There is no need to sit in a waiting room at a clinic or draw site in a room full of other people.

Contact: 1-800-363-4609


Email: contact@dnacenter.com


Confidential Result:

Our company is committed to providing you with the most discrete service and result available. For our protection, results will only be released with prior written authorization and instruction. Under no circumstances will your DNA information be shared with any unauthorized third party.

Result Notification:

You may choose to receive your immediate results by phone, fax, email, USPS, official guaranteed, notarized court admissible documents will be securely mailed to the location of your choice.

Reputable Laboratory:

Our main lab is one of the leaders in the DNA testing industry, has over 2 decades of DNA testing experience, and utilizes one of the most advance and powerful testing methods available today. The testing process is so stringent that it offers a 99.99% (or greater) conclusive (positive) result. Using this technology, the level of accuracy is over one million times greater than most state and federal standards and is significantly higher than tests performed at other laboratories.

Laboratory Accreditation's:

DNA True Test laboratory has been awarded top accreditation's by the following agencies:

• AABB: American Association of Blood Banks

• ISO: International Organization for Standardization

• NFSTC: National Forensic Science Technology Center

• NYSDOH: New York State Department of Health

• U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services

• Quality Forensics

• Collaborative Testing Services

• Forensics Quality Services - International (FQS-I)

Family Relationship DNA Testing Services
DNA True Test provides a wide range of DNA testing services for family relationship determination.

DNA Maternity Test

A DNA maternity test determines whether a tested woman is the biological mother of a tested child.

Twin Zygosity Test

A twin zygosity test determines whether twins are fraternal or identical.

DNA Grandparentage Test

A DNA grandparentage test, performed in the absence of an alleged father, determines the relationship between a child and the parents of the alleged father.

Y-STR Paternal Lineage

A Y-STR paternal lineage test determines whether two or more males are related through a paternal line.

Genetic Reconstruction

A genetic reconstruction is performed to determine the biological relationship of a child to the alleged father’s close relatives.

mtDNA Maternal Lineage

A mitochondrial DNA maternal linage test determines whether two or more individuals are related through a maternal line.

DNA Siblingship Test

A siblingship test determines whether two children share one or both parents.

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A legal paternity test requires that all tested parties have their DNA samples collected at a certified facility — such as local hospitals, medical offices and health departments. When you place your order with DNA True Test, a scheduling specialist will find an office near you to arrange an appointment.


One advantage of using DNA True Test over other companies is that we have the largest network of certified facilites in North America, so finding a convenient location near you is easy!


If you are in need of a paternity test while pregnant please call 1-800-363-4609 to discuss testing options.

We also serve international clients in over 168 countries.