Unbiased, Independent Forensic DNA Testing

DNA True Test works with the largest and most experienced private DNA testing laboratory in the world. Our fully accredited forensic laboratory provides unbiased independent forensic DNA testing and consultation services to legal and law enforcement professionals.


Our forensic services feature:


  • Expertise: Dr. Michael Baird, the first DNA expert to testify in a U.S. court, leads our forensics DNA laboratory.
  • Fast Turnaround: Accurate forensic DNA testing and case review results in 4 weeks or less.
  • Outstanding Client Service: Personalized, expert assistance from our case specialists.


Our forensic laboratory offers a variety of DNA testing systems to meet the needs of our clients. Our scientists utilize state-of-the-art equipment to provide evidence screening, serology testing, and DNA analysis. Our forensic services include:


STR Testing

Y-STR Testing

Forensic Paternity

Mini-STR Testing


DNA True Test experts are committed to working with clients to evaluate submitted data and documentation of a case from beginning to end. By verifying that data produced by other laboratories supports their conclusions, our scientists can help clients re-evaluate the case and determine if further DNA analysis or review is necessary. Our unique scientific expertise is grounded in:

• Extensive experience with case files from across the United States

• Extensive Crime scene collection experience

• Crime lab training


DDC Forensics analysts provide expert courtroom testimony by world-renowned, experienced geneticists who can deliver explanations of test results and procedures during court proceedings. Our DNA experts have:


• Testified over 600 times in a court of law at the local, state and federal levels

• Expertise in Y-Chromosome STR testing

• Neutral and unbiased testimony for both prosecution and defense attorney


Which DNA Testing is the Best Choice for Me?

In recent years, the forensic DNA testing technology has become the most effective tool to link unsolved crimes, find a suspect and/or identify victims of violent crimes or natural disasters.


DNA True Test assists law enforcement agencies, private investigators, and legal professionals in finding answers, administering justice, and ensuring a safe, secure environment for everyone. DNA True Test Forensic Services offers a comprehensive range of services including DNA testing, DNA expert services, forensic paternity, and DNA specimen matching. We also offer case review, consultation and expert testimony upon request.


Knowing the importance for law enforcement and legal professionals to understand the power and limitation of DNA technology, we offer free workshops and CLE seminars to explain this tool in a language you will understand.


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Forensic DNA Testing Systems - 1-800-363-4609

DNA True Test is able to offer a wide range of testing systems. These include standard STR, Y-STR and mini-STR.


STR: Short Tandem Repeats. STR is the standard DNA testing system for human identification. 13 FBI CODIS loci are tested to identify the victim, suspect and evidence. We have an extensive and powerful battery of testing system that allows us to analyze more than 13 loci if needed.


Y-STR: STR found on the male specific Y-Chromosome. It is inherited through the male lineage. Y-STR can be used for sexual assault and other cases where identifying the males contributing to the sample is critical to the case.


Mini-STR: This testing system is an alternative approach developed for testing small fragments of DNA, and is especially useful for degraded biological evidence. Difficult samples, such as those recovered from mass disasters like the World Trade Center, can be successfully analyzed with mini-STR.