DNA Paternity Test

Maternity DNA testing determines whether a woman could be the biological mother of a child. Like a DNA paternity test, it compares a child’s DNA pattern with that of the alleged mother to determine how likely it is that the child has inherited the DNA from the alleged mother.


Maternity test results may be used in the following circumstances:


  • To confirm that an adoptee has been reunited with his/her birth mother
  • To prove biological relationships in an immigration case.
  • To confirm that an embryo conceived through in vitro fertilization was implanted into the correct mother
  • To resolve situations in which mothers or hospital staff suspect that a baby mix-up has occurred in the nursery

In a maternity test, the child, alleged mother, and biological father are tested. The father’s participation in the maternity test helps to exclude half of the child’s DNA, leaving the rest for comparison with the alleged mother. If the father is not available, we can perform a fatherless test, which involves additional analysis, without additional charge.


To order a DNA maternity test, please call 1-800-363-4609. The DNA test fee is $449, and there is a sample collection fee of $70 for the child and alleged mother (fathers collected free of charge). Additional children and/or alleged mothers may be tested at for a DNA test fee of $195 each and a sample collection fee of $35 each. (Note: Due to additional procedures required by the New York State Department of Health, collection fees for appointments made in New York vary.)


Tested Parties

1 child, 1 father (optional),

1 alleged mother


DNA Test Fee



Results In

2 working days